Evidence Admissibility Based On Results Of Law Enforcement Intelligence Operations

Elvira Hanifovna Nadyseva


The timeliness of the problem under study is justified by the questions occuring in the evaluation process of admissibility of evidence formed on the base of the results of law enforcement intelligence operations, existing situation in Russian Federation at the present stage of development of state and public institutions,  as well as with the difficulties emerging in the statutory regulation of the specified groups of procedural relations. In this regard, this article is aimed at a comprehensive analysis of the admissibility of the use of the operational investigative activities results in evidence in criminal cases arising from attempts to resolve them in the national criminal procedure legislation. The leading approach to the study of this problem is the analysis of criminal cases practice, where the operational investigative activities results were provided. The article summarizes the problem points related to the search for optimal ways to use the actual data obtained by operational means as evidence, as well as the doctrinal approach to the subject under consideration.


Palabras clave

criminal procedure; criminal case; evidence; admissibility; law enforcement intelligence operations

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