General theoretical and philosophical aspects of modern education

Andino Maseleno


The article proposes an analysis of the new interdisciplinary field of research “philosophy of education”. It provides an overview of the most important philosophical disciplines for education (ethics, axiology, hermeneutics, communication theory) and individual philosophical concepts (Humanism, dialogism, “I and the Other,” understanding, “self-care”, etc.). Modern scholars of cultural and social processes focus on the global education crisis, which in turn is associated with a general cultural crisis. The development of tolerance is an important task of modern education.

Rapid changes in the world around us, social relations, and ideological foundations prompt us to search for new approaches to educational problems. Therefore, the purpose of this article is a philosophical reflection of the educational process of Russia with a philosophical analysis of the foundations of culture, society, human self-awareness. Separate tasks that arise are the appeal to the axiological foundations of society, the application to the educational problems of refinements of social philosophy. Education concerns each individual individually, the totality of individuals forms a society, and depending on the development of each representative of the society, we can attribute this or that society to more or less developed ones. The philosophy of education provides a special way of understanding the problems of education as a sphere not only of pedagogy, but also of the social system in general, focusing on communicative processes. The basis of educational processes is communication, and its nature not only determines the optimality of the educational process, but also forms each individual personality.

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education, education system, philosophy, theory, educational programs

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